The Growth Potential of the Hood Guyz Business

September 15, 2022

For anyone that chooses to open a franchise, the goal is never to stay static. The goal is to take control of a business, steer it to success, and grow it. Taking a franchise and expanding upon it allows you to directly benefit as the profits flow in. 

Growing a business requires the right business model and a strong brand. That is what Hood Guyz provides. Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning business that operates across America, partnering with major restaurants from McDonald’s to Wing Stop.

Hood Guyz offers an exceptional franchising opportunity to franchisees with near-limitless growth potential. Let’s look at why Hood Guyz is such an exciting opportunity.


Serving a Major Industry

For any business to thrive, there needs to be a market for it. Luckily for Hood Guyz franchisees, our market is significant. Hood Guyz services the restaurant industry in a pivotal way, scraping oil and other flammable build-ups from hard-to-reach parts of the kitchen. Every restaurant needs a service like this.

Low Overhead 

For franchisees in other industries, they take over a business and are already in a big hole. They have to pay rent on a large space and pay massive franchising fees. With Hood Guyz, this isn’t the case. Our business is entirely mobile, so there is no need to pay rent. Our franchising fees are low, and franchisees get to start their Hood Guyz career with limited overhead.

Start from Ahead

Rather than starting from behind, Hood Guyz franchisees get to start from ahead. With low overhead and extensive training, franchisees can start making a profit fast. We offer a sales boost program where our sales team comes to your area and helps drum up customers. This puts our franchisees in a position to start making money straight away.


By allowing franchisees to profit fast, we enhance the growth potential of their businesses. They can earn money fast, reinvest it, and turn their Hood Guyz branch into a success story.

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