Why Our Underserved Field Benefits Franchisees

July 26, 2021

The restaurant industry is a globally vital one. You can travel to every country in the world, and restaurants are going to be a big and essential part of their economy. Here in the United States, restaurants are a key component of our country’s massive economy. As restaurants across the nation shake off the ill effects of this pandemic, business will begin to surge once again after a tough 2020. These restaurants will want their kitchens cleaned to perfection, as a clean kitchen is an effective one.

Arguably the best way to clean a commercial kitchen is by using pressure washing technology. Pressure washing cleans grease and oils off of floors, can clear ducts, vents, and oven hoods of flammable materials, and can make the outside of a restaurant look better than ever before. But unfortunately for restaurants, the commercial kitchen pressure cleaning industry is a surprisingly shallow one. That’s where we come in.

As a franchise with branches across the nation, Hood Guyz is a key player in an underserved field.

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning business that uses specialized pressure washing technology, among other methods, to make our customer’s kitchens look sparklingly clean. As a franchise with branches across the nation, Hood Guyz is a key player in an underserved field. We specialize in an area of kitchen cleaning that most businesses don’t, which gives our franchisees an easy pathway to success.

Our franchisees get to join a business that is one of the biggest names in the industry, with a constant demand for our services. Because we can clean areas like oven hoods and exhausts that others can’t, restaurants need the service we provide. The restaurant industry is a great one to be tied to, as restaurants are everywhere, so our business can succeed just about anywhere.

Franchising with Hood Guyz allows you the opportunity to run your own branch of a successful national franchise with a constant demand for business. Our service is one that not many offer, meaning we are a low-competition, high-demand company with so much room for growth. This is a recipe for success for our franchisees.


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