Why Running Your Own Franchise Beats a Salaried Position

June 2, 2021

With the average job in America, chances are you are going to work for a salary. There is security in a salary. Knowing how much money you’re going to make every month and year allows you to plan based on information that has some level of certainty. In many cases, this payment structure works for employees and they’re satisfied. But in many other cases, having a salary serves to limit employees. They work as hard as they can, and they don’t see any growth or recognition. In this situation, running a franchise is a compelling alternative.

Hood Guyz is a national franchise that specializes in cleaning the areas of the kitchen that others can’t. With specialized pressure cleaning tools and training, our franchisees have a unique skill set that is constantly in demand by restaurant owners, as it is a necessary service to preventing grease fires and maintaining health and safety standards. Our franchisees also aren’t limited with a salary, meaning there is no cap to their earning potential.

No more working day in and day out to make someone else richer.

While some would see no salary as a drawback, in reality, it is a perk. With Hood Guyz, your hard work directly correlates with your earnings. It is not like a salaried job, where whether you are phoning it in or working your hardest, you’ll make the same. If you work hard as the Hood Guyz franchise owner, you are going to see the fruits of your labor in the form of an enhanced paycheck.

With no earning cap, if you succeed in growing your Hood Guyz franchise, you will be the direct beneficiary. This means no more working day in and day out to make someone else richer. This means you are working for yourself, for your family. With that in mind as well, Hood Guyz allows you to pass the business onto a family member when it is time to retire.

Salaries can represent security, but they can also represent limitations. Hood Guyz gives you a chance to surpass those limitations, to build something that will benefit you, and your family. With no earning cap, when your Hood Guyz franchise succeeds, you do too.

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