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Hood Guyz’ accredited hood cleaning business opportunities stand out from others for several reasons: 

  1. We focus only on serving restaurants and other institutions with commercial kitchens.
  2. We do specialized cleaning jobs that other commercial cleaning companies can’t. 
  3. We provide an essential service that restaurant owners need to stay in business.
  4. We have a cutting-edge quality management system and unmatched experience and expertise that keep our clients coming back.

Hood Guyz franchisees are quite simply the best in the business, and our customers know it. Most restaurant employees aren’t qualified to clean the parts of the kitchen you can’t see, like air ducts and conveyor ovens, and that’s where we step in. We are fast, professional, and reliable, and we know how to do the job right.

Best of all, you don’t need prior experience to take advantage of our in-demand restaurant hood cleaning business opportunity. We offer classroom training, field training, virtual training, and even ongoing business coaching to help grow your commercial power washing business.


Our franchisees thoroughly clean restaurant hoods to remove grimy buildup and reduce fire hazards.

Kitchen duct cleaning

It’s not enough to clean just the grease and dirt you can see – Hood Guyz also cleans areas like air ducts that are hard to reach and out of sight. You won’t find many duct cleaning franchise opportunities as strong as ours.

Pressure washing

Restaurant owners appreciate our help when it comes to keeping exteriors clean and presentable. Hood Guyz franchisees know how to increase curb appeal!


Hood Guyz customers benefit from a regular maintenance schedule to prevent fire hazards and stay in compliance with industry regulations. Our franchisees benefit from another steady source of income.

Time to start building your future

A Cleaning Service Franchise Opportunity with Multiple Revenue Streams

Hood Guyz franchisees can offer a range of specialized services, from cleaning commercial kitchens, to sprucing up restaurant exteriors, to installing access panels, and completing regular inspections. These multiple revenue streams and a highly effective system to protect restaurants from potential fire hazards makes our hood cleaning business nearly recession-proof. Hood Guyz is a leader in an underserved industry where restaurants are required by law to use our services. That’s a powerful profit engine in any economy.

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You don’t have to have a huge net worth to get into our business.

Earn More Money

  • As a business owner, the more customers you serve, the more you’ll earn 
  • Unlike a salaried job, there’s no limit to how much you can take home 
  • Our low initial investment and modest ongoing fees leave plenty of room for profit 

Enjoy Career Flexibility

  • Have more control over the hours you work 
  • Manage many operations from your phone 
  • Take sick and vacation days when you need them 

Build a Family Business

  • Invest in your family’s future by joining a nationally recognized service brand 
  • Our cleaning service franchise opportunity allows you to pass the business along when you’re ready to retir 
  • Support your family while teaching important values like hard work and discipline 

Are You Cut Out to be a Hood Guyz Franchisee?

If any of the following describe you, you could be a great fit for our franchise.
Blue Collar Professionals Looking to Step Up
Hood Guyz is a great opportunity for gear heads, trades people, and anyone used to working with their hands. We can help you earn more money without getting trapped behind a desk.
First Responders Hoping to Reduce Stress
First responders can face grueling life or death situations every day. A Hood Guyz franchise can be your opportunity to serve your community in a less stressful environment that you manage yourself.
Parents Looking to Provide a Better Lifestyle
If you want to earn more and provide more financial support for your family, Hood Guyz can help. Get in touch to learn more about your earning potential as a Hood Guyz franchisee.
Entrepreneurs Ready to Start Their Own Business
If you know working for someone else isn’t for you, let Hood Guyz be your path to becoming an independent business owner. Our low-cost investment and strong franchisee support makes us a great choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
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