How the Hood Guyz Onboarding Process Helps Your Professional Development

October 4, 2022

There are a lot of franchises in America. It is estimated that there are more than 750,000 franchises in the country right now. If you want to add to that number and create your own branch of a company, many considerations should be on your mind. One of the most important is the onboarding and training process. This is what defines whether you hit the ground running and how quickly you’ll be able to start seeing results from your hard work. With Hood Guyz, the onboarding process is smooth and efficient.

Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning business with branches across the country. We use pressure washing technology to scrape away flammable buildup from oven hoods, exhausts, and vents. It is a simple but effective service that is required by every restaurant in the country, and our list of clients includes names like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wing Stop, and more.

Our training is extensive, with hands-on courses.

While the necessity of our services plays a big role in the success of our franchisees, we also believe our onboarding process and commitment to long-term professional development are just as pivotal. We believe the growth of our franchisees and their businesses is a long-term investment, which is why we input the time and resources to help them succeed.

Our training is extensive, with hands-on courses that provide franchisees with top-down knowledge of the business, including sales strategy, how to run the service, and industry insights. We will then send a sales associate to your area to drum up business so you can find a client base quickly. But the development continues beyond that.

We continue to provide our franchisees with training material and education, as well as access to our leadership team. This is because we know that training alone isn’t enough. Our support and professional development continue well into the start of your business. This will give you the resources you need to create a thriving, successful Hood Guyz franchise.


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