The Promise of High Franchise Success Rates

February 3, 2022

When you open a business, you are taking a huge risk. That isn’t said to deter anyone, as nothing great can be accomplished without taking risks. But it is a big bet that can seriously set back those for who it doesn’t pay off. That is why so many people struggle after losing a business, as it is a huge financial detriment. If you want to avoid a significant portion of the risk, franchising is for you.

Only 16% of start-ups remain in business. With franchises, that number is a shocking 90%.

Hood Guyz is a commercial kitchen cleaning business with franchises located across the country. Hood Guyz uses specialized technology to reach parts of the restaurant that a typical cleaning service couldn’t, reducing the hazards of grease fires, slip and falls, and making the kitchen and restaurant a cleaner place. We offer our franchisees the opportunity to get started with us and take over their own branch of a Hood Guyz business.

Overall, the statistics surrounding the success rate of franchises vary, but one thing remains consistent. The success rate of franchises is shockingly high, much higher than those of a small start-up business. According to Palo Alto Online, after ten years, only 16% of start-ups remain in business. With franchises, that number is a shocking 90%.

The reasons for this are that franchises have built-in business models that position franchisees to succeed. They often have much less overhead and a comprehensive training program. Franchisees have the backing of a major national brand and don’t have to figure everything out on the fly. They have access to mentors and business leaders and aren’t going through it all alone.

With Hood Guyz, our goal is your success. We know running a business can be isolating, but with our national brand, we give you the tools to succeed immediately. We provide intensive training on all aspects of the business, drastically remove initial barriers, and even send a sales representative to drum up business in your area. Franchising provides a significantly higher likelihood of success, and with Hood Guyz, you receive the tools for long-term growth.

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