How Hood Guyz Helps Keep Franchisees Businesses Thriving

July 29, 2022

Running a franchise takes a significant amount of effort and investment. It isn’t easy. While franchises have a much higher rate of success than the typical start-up or small business, in a struggling economy, it can be difficult to stay afloat. If you are considering opening a franchise, you need to find a business that will invest in your success and provide you with the tools to succeed. Hood Guyz does this, offering an array of services that help franchises stay thriving.

Hood Guys is a national commercial kitchen cleaning business that thrives by using pressure washing technology. We clean the areas of the kitchen that restaurants can’t on their own, using our pressure washers to power through oil, grease, and flammable build-up in oven hoods, exhaust, vents, and more. This reduces the risk of a kitchen fire drastically and provides a cleaner kitchen for restaurants.

Hood Guyz has a comprehensive training program to help give our franchisees the tools they need to hit the ground running. We teach them the business model, train them on the actual cleaning process, and educate them on sales and more. But our assistance to franchisees extends far beyond training.

We offer a kick-start sales program for when franchisees launch their business.

Hood Guyz does two significant things to help franchisees. We offer a kick-start sales program for when franchisees launch their business. We’ll send in sales experts to leverage the Hood Guyz connection and brand in your region, helping new franchisees acquire customers. 

Hood Guyz also offers a cash flow program. This program is designed to ensure franchisees have the money to cover expenses and grow the business. We manage billing and receivables for franchisees, so there is a consistent flow of money.

Beyond these two programs, Hood Guyz will also provide regular feedback from experts, additional billing services, social media marketing, and more. This helps ensure that franchisees are able to grow their business, stay afloat when times are tight, and find the success they deserve.

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