How Operating a Mobile Franchise Empowers You

March 17, 2022

Do you hate the feeling of sitting behind a desk all day? In this era of work-from-home and digital business, many of us find ourselves glued to a chair all day, staring at a screen. Not only is this plain boring, but it causes long-term back problems and vision damage. Long story short, it’s not good for anyone. If you’re someone that hates sitting behind a desk all day, there are other options. Opening a franchise with Hood Guyz will allow you to take control of a mobile business, taking you away from the desk life.

Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning franchise with years of experience helping restaurants clean the hardest to reach areas of their business. Hood Guyz specializes in cleaning oven hoods, exhausts, and fans with our pressure washing services. This improves efficiency and helps prevent grease fires.

It is a business that has an exciting day-to-day and a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people of all backgrounds.

One of the many benefits of running a Hood Guyz franchise is that we are a mobile business. We go to the restaurants we work at, helping to clean on-site. Our franchises clean everywhere from Taco Bell and Wing Stop to local small businesses, giving a great service that restaurants need.

The benefits of this are two-pronged for our franchisees. For starters, they don’t have to spend their time sitting behind a desk all day. They get to go from place to place and have more variety in their day-to-day. More importantly, franchisees don’t have the same overhead. Being a mobile business frees you from the high cost of having to pay rent every month. This helps our franchisees become profitable much more quickly.

Franchising with Hood Guyz can take you away from that desk, from that demanding boss, and put you in the driver’s seat of your own mobile business. Hood Guyz has an established business model that takes the overhead of high rent prices away from franchisees so they can earn more money faster. It is a business that has an exciting day-to-day and a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people of all backgrounds.


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