How the Hood Guyz Model Helps You Sell

December 16, 2022

When taking over a franchise, there is a lot that you will need to do right. The most important differentiator for franchisees is the ability to drive sales and grow revenue. If you are considering taking over a Hood Guyz franchise, our model has several aspects that will make it easy for franchisees to attract sales.

Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning business that operates across the country. We use pressure washing technology to scrape away flammable oil and grease from oven hoods, exhausts, and more. Let’s look at three aspects of Hood Guyz that will help franchisees attract sales with ease.

Multiple Services

Restaurants have diverse needs and requirements, so operating a business that can help meet a variety of needs is essential. While our oven hood and exhaust cleaning is a key offering, it is far from our only service. We provide franchisees with multiple revenue streams because we offer services like exterior cleans, appliance cleaning, and floor cleaning that can meet an array of restaurants’ needs. This helps franchisees appeal to more businesses. 

Established Brand

With Hood Guyz, our reputation precedes us. We have been in the industry for years and, over that time, have built an established brand that makes selling easier for franchisees. We have partnered with a massive range of restaurants, including national franchises like Taco Bell and McDonald’s. Many restaurants have heard of us and are familiar with the fantastic services that we provide, meaning oftentimes, franchisees have a much easier time with their sales pitch.

Appealing Offers

One of the critical aspects of our sales model is that we offer clients services like a free inspection with a quote and give them before-and-after pictures to show them the impact of our service. These offers appeal to customers that may be on the fence, and it is an easy way for franchisees to start to pile on the sales. 

With diverse services, an established brand, and appealing offers, Hood Guyz franchisees have all the ingredients necessary to start driving huge profits.

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