Concerned for the Future? Embrace Change with Hood Guyz

April 24, 2023

Every economic indicator has seemed to be pointing downward these past several months, and it can be a concerning time to be a worker in America. Layoffs seem to be announced constantly, and while the market isn’t as bad as it has been, the closure of banks and high inflation rates are certainly ominous. For many people, it can feel like they are stuck waiting for the bad news.

If you are in this position, you don’t need to simply accept it. There are still options available to you. While franchising in an uncertain economic time can seem counterintuitive, with Hood Guyz, this is far from the case. 

Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning franchise with operations across the country, and if you are eyeing a change in a period of uncertainty, Hood Guyz could be perfect for you. 


The obvious fear right now is that all these negative economic indicators are going to lead to a huge recession that dramatically alters the economy. No business is fully recession-proof, but Hood Guyz is uniquely equipped to power through hard times. Our model is based on the restaurant industry, as our services are necessary for restaurants of all sizes. It is a low-competition niche, as there aren’t many organizations that provide the exact service we offer, and margins for Hood Guyz franchisees tend to be high due to the low cost of running our mobile business.

A Career Powered by You

Starting a franchise with Hood Guyz means you are now taking control of your own economic destiny. While we train and equip our franchisees with the tools necessary to succeed, their success comes down to themselves. Rather than bosses breathing down your back, franchisees can enjoy the experience of benefitting from their own work successes and directly dictate what direction their career goes. Franchisees can build their teams, attract new clients, and implement decisions that lead to the long-term success of their franchise.

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