Why Running a Hood Guyz Franchise is Better Than Salaried Work in the Long Run

May 3, 2023

For a lot of people, the security of a salary is an obstacle to them when they consider opening a franchise. Knowing you will receive a certain amount of money deposited into your bank account every month is comforting, and for this reason, many choose to stick with salaried jobs, even if they don’t like them. But while this works for some people, the opportunities Hood Guyz provides can exceed the benefits of salaried pay.

Hood Guyz is a national commercial kitchen cleaning franchise that specializes in helping restaurants stay clean and reduce their fire risk. We offer franchising opportunities to people across the country. Let’s explore why running a Hood Guyz franchise might be the best bet for you in the long haul.

No Earning Cap

While salaries are consistent, and you can take comfort in knowing exactly what you are going to get, the downside is that there is a cap on your earning. With salaried pay, you aren’t going to exceed your typical pay unless you receive a bonus, and let’s face it, this is a rarity for most. With Hood Guyz, there is no cap on your earnings. You can reach a high level without any ceiling being placed on your income.

Ability to Pass Business On to Family

Another aspect of Hood Guyz that stands out is the ability to pass your franchise on to family members when you are ready to retire or move on. Unlike a salaried job, where your family can only benefit from your paycheck, Hood Guyz allows franchisees to empower their families with their success. The achievements you get with Hood Guyz and the business you grow can be transferred to your loved ones.

Benefit From Your Successes

Lastly and most importantly, Hood Guyz enables franchisees to benefit from their success. If things are going well, the business grows, and the money improves. In most salaried jobs, regardless of company performance, that same check is hitting your account every month. Hood Guyz emboldens franchisees to shine and benefit from their achievements.

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